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Important! This is the old tax calculator for years 1995-2009. Go to for 2010 and later.

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How To Use including help filling out the fields in the calculator
What it doesn't do - it doesn't do everything!
Known Problems - Reported problems and possible work arounds 08 Apr 2009
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How To Use
Begin by selecting your details from the pop menus: Marital Status, Age and the Tax Year you want to work with. Note that if the Marital Status is set to Single or Widowed then the 'Spouse' data entry column is hidden. You don't have to fill in all data fields. So for example you can leave out 'Yearly Tax' if you just want to see your net earnings after tax.
The calculator performs 5 functions. Select one of the functions from the pop menu that is initially set to: "End of Year Tax Returns". Here's what each function does:
1. End of Year Tax Returns
Sometime after the end of the tax year(was April 5th, now December 31st) you should do your tax returns. You will need the Tax Return Form (form 12) which you get from the tax office. Additionally you will need your P60 which your employer gives you.
Send in the completed Tax Return Form and the Tax Office will send you a Tax Balancing Statement (form P21C). Enter the information you entered in the Tax Return form into the tax calculator and click "Show". The calculator outputs what tax you have over or underpaid. The calculator output should tally with the Tax Balancing Statement.
2.& 3. Weekly Take Home Pay & Monthly Take Home Pay.
Enter you gross annual salary into the Yearly Income field. If you are doing this before the end of the tax year then your employer can tell you what your gross yearly salary is. There's no need to fill in the Yearly Tax field. Fill out the other fields, where you have info, and click show. The amount shown is approx. what you should be getting after tax and PRSI. Note that if you include Mortgage interest your take home pay increases due to the extra allowance this give you.
4. PRSI Class A
Enter you gross salary into the Yearly Income field. If you are doing this before the end of the tax year then your employer can tell you what your gross yearly salary is. You don't need to fill out any other fields. Click "Show" to reveal a breakdown of what yearly PRSI you will pay. Note that it assumes you get paid much the same each week. The amount of PRSI showing on your wage packet may vary over the year as you may pass through different ceilings. The calculator only shows you the approximate total PRSI for the entire tax year.
5. Budget Details
This shows the relevant budget details as announced by the minister for the tax year you have selected. Useful if you want to see how the calculator arrives at the results.

Additional Help with some of the fields:

Medical Expenses
Unreimbursed expenses. You should always ask for and keep medical receipts e.g. GP visits, therapists visits, Specialists visits, prescriptions etc.
You can claim GP/specialist and hospital expensed from the VHI/BUPA. Any expenses that the VHI/BUPA don't cover and prescriptions form part of your medical expenses.
Take all your medical expenses, subtract what the VHI/BUPA refunded you and enter this figure in this cell. If this is below a certain value you may not be entitled to any relief - the calculator works this out for you. If you are entitled to an allowance (you will get a message at the end of the calculations if so) then ask the tax office for form MED 1 and include it and your receipts with your tax return or post it in afterwards. Check also when you visit the dentist as to what is claimable - there's a form for this too - Form Med 2.
Work Expenses
These are expenses that you incur in order to do you job - e.g. Magazine subscriptions to keep pace with technology developments, Society subscriptions etc. The tax office seem to be very reluctant to give out details on what you are entitled to so here are some examples for 1998/99. The tax allowances depend on you profession and here are some examples:
  • Engineering Industry (e.g. software developer): £125
  • Teachers, Lecturers: £295
  • Building Industry (Bricklayers etc.): £115

What Browser do you need
You will need java (free) installed - this site will check if you have java and install it if needed:
The applet is known to run on the following browsers:
Macintosh: MRJ 2.0, Netscape Communicator 4.5+, IE 4.0+, Safari
PC: Safari 3.0+, FireFox 2+, IE4.0+, Netscape Communicator 4.61+, Opera.
The applet uses AWT and not Swing for maximum compatabily with older browsers and Pre-Power PC MacOS

Calculator Features

What it doesn't do

Please email us with problems or comments or additional features you'd like to see (the email address is shown above).
The top most ? button in the applet gives you the software revision if you want to report a problem.

Thanks to the following who helped with suggestions, found problems etc.
Peter Armstrong, Gavin Heneghan, John Hennessy, David O'Brien, Brendan/AAM, Denis Nagle, Anthony McKeogh, Brian, Clubman/AAM, others from AAM

Known Problems (as of 18Apr09 )


Your Confidential Information

The invormation you enter into the Tax Calculator is confidential to you. The tax calculations are done locally on your destop computer and no information you enter is transmitted back to this website or anywhere else (with some other calculators your data IS sent over the internet along with your IP address). Also, none of your information is stored on your PC or in your browser's cache. When you navigate away from this web page your data is gone, forever. Perhaps longer. The only network activity is initially when the program is downloaded by your browser over the internet from server to your PC. After that an internet connection is no longer required and so, if you're paranoid, you can disconnect it.

Contacting Me
Please contact us if you see an error in the calculations, a bug, or you have a suggestion. If you report a problem then please try to give me enough information so that we can replicate the problem (Browser and version, OS and version, platform). Obviously we don't expect you to give me your salary details but please give me alternative data that shows the problem.For the email address - in the calculator click the uppermost yellow help button.

Disclaimer & Copyright
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All Rights Reserved
Commercial Distribution Prohibited.
Commercial Gain by using this applet Prohibited.

This is FreeWare software.

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