PAYE Java Tax Calculator for Ireland Budget 2010, and 2009, 2008, budget 2010 etc. by Karl Grabe

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Important. This is the 2009-2010 archived calculator - current version is

Use this version is for public servants to show salary decrease in teh 2010 budget. Enter 2009 salary


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What Browser do you need
You will need Java V1.6 update 10+ installed - this site will update or install if needed:
The applet is known to run on current versions (as of Dec 2009) of the following browsers:
  • Macintosh: Safari, FireFox (but some small problem with tab alignment....)
  • Linux: Ubuntu 9.10/FireFox 3.5.3, and probaby any other Linux distribution with FireFox 3.5/Java 1.6.0_10 or later
  • Windoze: FireFox, Internet Exploder, Opera, Safari, Chrome

What it doesn't do

Thanks to the following who helped with suggestions, found problems etc.
Peter Armstrong, Gavin Heneghan, John Hennessy, David O'Brien, Brendan Burgess/AAM, Denis Nagle, Anthony McKeogh, Brian Hayden, Clubman/AAM, Tommy/AAM, DeadlyDuck/AAM and many others from AAM



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The invormation you enter into the Tax Calculator is confidential to you. The tax calculations are done locally on your destop computer and no information you enter is transmitted back to this website or anywhere else (with some other calculators your data IS sent over the internet along with your IP address). Also, none of your information is stored on your PC or in your browser's cache. When you navigate away from this web page your data is gone, forever. Perhaps longer. The only network activity is initially when the program is downloaded by your browser over the internet from server to your computer. After that an internet connection is no longer required and so, if you're paranoid, you can disconnect it.

Contacting Me
Please contact us if you see an error in the calculations, a bug, or you have a suggestion. If you report a problem then please try to give me enough information so that we can replicate the problem (Browser and version, OS and version, platform). Obviously I don't expect you to give meyour salary details but please give me alternative data that shows the problem. For the email address - see the top of this page

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