4.2 Claim Health Expenses: Worked Example


4.2.1 Health Expenses: How to calculate amount to claim:

Lets say we have the following medical & dental expenses; it can be for a family or individual (download the spreadsheed):

So above we see we had 1 consultant vist of €150, 4 GP visits totalling €190, several prescriptions listed out montlly and totalling €790. The total comes to €1200.47. We also have rountine dental visits NOT claimable from revenue but some health insurance companies DO allow these to be claimed - the dental amounts €25x3 are the the insurance refund.

So the first thing to do is claim what we can from our health insurance company: €1200 medical expenses and our dental expenses (as in Step 1). We don't need the actual cost of the dental visits for our calculation - just what will be refunded from our insurance company. So our insurance company refunds us a total of €249 and this includes €75 dental expenses. The 3 x €25 above are what the insurance company refunded us for the 3 dental visits. So excluding routine dental expenses we were refunded €174

Now we are ready to calculate what we are going to claim from Revenue:

€1200.47 less €174 = €1026.47

So the two amounts we need for the online form later are:

  1. Other Medical Expenses: €1200.47
  2. Dental and/or Medical Expenses Refunded: €174.

NB We've excluded our €75 from 2 above as they are rountine dental expenses as opposed to Orthodontic (see note on Med 2 below)

4.2.2 Select Health Expenses in PAYE Anytime

The above form shows €400 were claimed previously or perhaps revenue determined this figure - but our claims are more than this so we proceed...

4.2.3 We want to claim - click 'Yes' below:


4.2.4 Enter the Amounts we calculated:





4.2.5 Hit the Calculate button:


After the 'calculate' button is pressed the result should be - €1200 - €174= €1026.

4.2.5 Add our claim to 'Your Requests'

Now click "Add to Your Requests" - you'll get a confirmation dialog:


4.6 Check Health Expenses are now correct

In our example we are expecting our Medial Expenses request to be €1200 - €174= €1026.... and it is. Also notice under '2009'/Modify our pending Health Expenses are shown. Also notice 'Health Expenses' is shown in a light green colour - this means it's a request - you won't get a refund yet, see below.

As mentioned above you are not done! You must click "Submit all changes" and follow the steps there to actually get the refund. To see this done go back to : http://taxcalc.eu/refund/ and follow Step 4.6. If you have other things to claim, do those first befoore clicking 'Submit alll changes'



If you didn't have health insurance then you would claim the full €1200 instead of €1026.