Excel tax calculator- now free!


I have decided to make the Excel tax calculator project freely available to everyone. This means that you don't need to buy a licence for 2024 and later years (there's a donation link below if anyone feels it merits a contribution :-) ).

This fully featured version provides all the features which were historically available on the paid for version. You can learn more about the features of the premium version of the calculator by clicking here


You can download the calculator at the following link: Download the Excel net pay calculator

Once downloaded, you'll need to 'Unblock' it (this is a security precaution introduced by Microsoft which applies to downloaded macro-enabled workbooks) and also 'Enable macros'. Click here to find out more about how unblocking is done.

If anyone wishes to make a donation for the above spreadsheet (gratefully received!), please use the following PayPal link:


Why am I making the tax calculator free?

I've made this decision for a couple of reasons.

Widening access: I want to try and make the calculator both easy to use and comprehensive in scope, catering to the widest possible audience. I'm hoping by releasing the calculator 'into the wild' that a greater number of users will avail of it.

Get feedback/ suggestions:I'm hoping that by expanding the user base that this will generate ideas from users for additional features or suggestions. I could attempt to implement these in future versions. If you want to get in touch (even just to say 'Hi!'), you can e-mail me or sign the guestbook!

It's an experiment!: Hopefully, users of the calculator who find it genuinely useful might make a small donation towards its maintenance. Each donation, however small, is gratefully received and gives me reason to continue to maintain and develop the calculator into the future!