Excel employee tax calculator- premium version

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I downloading and how much does it cost?

The calculator is free of all cost- there is no charge! You can now access all of the features which previously required payment of a nominal license fee. You can download a copy of the calculator here .

What version of Excel do I need to have for the calculator to work?

The calculator was primarily created Excel 2016 (Excel 365). It should work fine in all desktop versions of Excel from 2010 and greater. I no longer actively support Excel 2007 or earlier.
While performance is dependent on multiple factors including your screen resolution and computer processor, it appears to function as expected in each such version.

Please note that the calculator will NOT work in any version of Excel earlier than Excel 2010. Additionally, it will not work in Excel for Mac or Excel for Web as these platforms do not support VBA (macro code).

What is the calculator's validity period?

The current calculator is version 2014-24.01 and it will calculate net salary for the tax years 2014 to 2024 inclusive. Any minor revisions/ bug fixes to this calculator will be version number 2014-23.XX, where XX increments by 1 on each minor release.

A new calculator will be released at each annual budget date in the future- the first version of next year's calculator (scheduled to be released in October 2024) will be version 2014-25.01. That new calculator will have an extra tax year and will need to be downloaded to take advantage of updates and new tax rules.

Can I contribute to the calculator in some way?

Yes, both financially and non-financially! Make sure that you use the calculator and check out its many features. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might benefit from it- the greater the pool of users, the better the development prospects of the calculator! If you have a suggestion for a calculator feature or spot an error in the calculator, let me know by email.

If you want to financially support the calculator, thank you! All financial donations are gratefully received- you can go to the Donations page.