Excel employee calculator- premium version features

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Refund checker

The calculator identifies possible refunds arising in your/ your spouse's employment. Typically, these arise if your employment circumstances change (e.g. you are unemployed for a portion of the year or your pay is drastically reduced).

The 'refunds tool' as illustrated below shows how the refund arises and identifies the amount of any refund.

The refunds tool
Enter variable values period

The calculator allows you to adjust most income and deduction values each period (this feature is not available for calculated values such as PAYE/PRSI and USC or for benefit-in-kind values at present). This is done by clicking the 'pencil icon' in the cell of the value you wish to modify.

This means that if you earn extra income in one or more periods due to commission/ overtime/ bonuses that you can modify that period's value. Similarly, if your health insurance or another deduction changes mid-year, you can easily modify the deduction for that period.

As illustrated, you can specify whether a deduction applies to a single period or to the selected period plus future periods.

All manually entered deductions can also be easily removed by clicking the 'Delete' icon displayed in the cell.

Editing values
Short/ long working week

The calculator includes a feature that allows you to specify a modified working week for one or more pay periods. The gross pay for those periods will be scaled appropriately and tax/ levy deductions will be recalculated for the selected periods.

If you choose (or are required) to work for a non-standard number of days than a regular working week, you can use this tool to evaluate the impact of this decision on your net pay in the periods specified. For example if your regular week is a 5 day week, you might decide (or be obliged) to work either a 3 day week or a 6 day week for one or more pay periods.

This tool is illustrated in the following image:

Modified working week
Net to gross calculator

You can use the 'net-to-gross' tool to identify the pay level required which provides a desired net amount per pay period i.e you can use the calculator to work back from a desired net pay amount to the gross pay value which gives you that desired net pay value. This could be useful for pay negotiations.

To use the tool, you simply set the desired net pay value and the first pay period which you want to receive that value. If a solution is found by the calculator, the required gross pay amount will be inserted into the specified pay period.

The image shows that a pay amount of 4163.04 would provide a target net pay of 3100 for the user given his/her specific tax status.

The net-to-gross tool
Details per pay period

The calculator show your period-by-period pay details and can cater for weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, twice-monthly and monthly pay frequencies.

A wide range of income and deductions is also catered for including:

  • Salary sacrifice deductions such as the taxsaver scheme and the cycle-to-work scheme
  • Pension deductions (including compulsory public sector deductions as well as PRSA/ AVC deductions)
  • Voluntary deductions processed through your payroll, such as payments for health insurance, income protection insurance, loan repayments. You can also create a customised deduction (e.g. 'Staff Christmas fund')

The image below shows a sample of the display for a monthly paid employee.

Displaying details for each pay period
Changing tax credits and thresholds

The calculator allows you to amend your tax credits and standard rate cut-off point and Universal Social Charge rates and bands if these change during the tax year. You can also select the tax calculation method to use for a pay period (e.g. 'normal basis, emergency basis or week 1 / month 1 basis'). The revised values will then be used from the pay period you specify and the impact on your net pay will be computed.

Changing tax credits and tax/USC thresholds
Deductions chart

You can create a pie-chart showing the percentage which various deductions from your pay bear relative to your gross pay.

Pie chart of deductions and net pay
Benefit-in-kind calculator

The calculator includes a benefit-in-kind calculator which allows you to compute the values of typical non-cash benefits such as company cars, employer provided health insurance and low or zero interest rate loans.

This is particularly useful if you receive a benefit or benefits for part or all of the year.

The calculator breaks the calculation process into 3 simple steps and simplifies the calculation process for non-technical users.

BIK calculator
Enter hourly wage rates

The calculator caters for hourly paid employees and allows for up to 4 different hourly wage rates. The calculated weekly amount is entered in the 'Variable pay' row as shown in the following diagram:

Hourly wage calculator
View payslip

The calculator allows you to view, print and save a payslip for any pay period.

View payslip
Setting a bonus as 'net of tax'

This feature allows you to choose that a bonus for a specified pay period is to be the net amount received (this means that the gross amount will need to be sufficient so that after tax the employee ends up with the specified bonus value).

Setting a bonus as a net of tax amount
Multiple scenarios

The calculator has a feature which allows you to evaluate the net pay impact of multiple working week durations from 1 working day to 6 working days per week in half-day increments.

The tool is highly customisable, allowing you to include/exclude individual pay items or scale/ not scale them in proportion to changes in length of the working week.

If you are considering a change in your normal working week, this tool will help you to understand the pay consequences of your plan.

Multiple scenarios tool
Adding shortcuts

This feature allows you to have easy access to the tools you use most frequently. It is activated from the main menu on the 'Start here' worksheet (image 1).

Activation creates a 'My shortcuts' hub which is positioned at the lower left corner of each available worksheet (image 2). Activation also places clickable icons beside various tools and menu items.

Clicking on an icon adds the related tool or function to a menu which you activate by clicking the 'My shortcuts hub' (image 3).

Scenarios modeller

The calculator allows you to create two pay scenarios to see how your pay is impacted by different employment circumstances- for example, you might be considering taking on a new role with a larger salary than you currently earn but with a compulsory pension contribution. You want to understand how the net pay for each of the roles compares.

You can create a scenario for each role and view, print and save various side-by-side comparative reports for the two scenarios.

A scenario modeller report